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Available valves within the number range as shown with condition quantity and price shown.

These are a great valve and cheap, first of all, they are pin compatible with the ECC 81/82/83 ( 12AT/12AU/12AX) series valves as well as being pin substitutres for the 12FV7, 12DW7/ECC832/7247; 12AZ7

Filament Voltage: 6.3V or 12.6V
Filament Current: 450mA or 225mA
Triodes Plate Voltage: 300V
Triodes Plate Dissipation: 2.7W

As you can see from the gain comparison chart below, these can be iused to tame a brash ECC83/12AX7 or to enliven a dullard  ECC82/12AU7, whatever, they represent a cheap bang per buck for tube rollers everywhere.


Valve GainAcceptable Substitutes
12AX7 100    5751 12AT7 12AY7    
5751  70  12AX7   12AT7 12AY7    
12AT7 60    5751   12AY7    
12AY7 45    5751 12AT7   12AV7  
12AV7 41        12AY7   12AU7
12AU7 19          12AV7