What do you all think to Stephen King, some interesting horror books to be sure which all gel into a form of one-ness after a while but still enjoyable none the less.  To my mind, his early works published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman are his best works.    

I do know that Stephen's output dipped a little after a horrific accident where he was struck down by a hit and run driver but he still writes.... and to think he has even written a poem for Mullard Magic - at least I think its him, yes, The Stephen King, a customer who has purchased a vibrator for a car valve radio - could it possibly be for for Christine?   And he's written a poem and sent it here all the way from Florida.   Oho, I hear you say, but SK lives at Portland, Maine, quite so but he also has his winter mansion in Sarasota.     Tell you, I'm sure it's him you know, anyhow, here's the poem: -

Tesla perfected induction,

Marconi designed the contraption.

Hertz smiled with glee

as Morse tapped his key,

and wireless went into production….




The Drake once said to the Swan-

‘’Your time in this shack is not long,

Your dial lights are dim

Your cans need a trim