Mullard Magic is operated by husband and wife team Steve & Karen as the sales arm of QP Holdings.   Both are PhD level scientists who have brought their scientific training to bear on the collection, restoration and sale of radio, audio artefacts and thermionic devices.  Steve tries his hardest to fill the family home with bits of decaying radiobilia and now has a custom built outside pavillion to house (some) of his collection of domestic, military and commercial professional communications receivers.    

The rest of the collection in turn shuttles between the side of the bedside cabinet, the garage,  the hall but not yet the lounge.  Karen, if she had her way would relocate everything to the municipal corporation tip.   Steve has extended his collect-o-mania to vintage horology and classic cars with two classic cars and a classic military vehicle comprising the current fleet.   

Steve is fortunate to have an extensive audiophile music reproduction system in one of the home bedrooms and enjoys cathedral baroque, swing, be-bop jazz and garage reproduced the only way possible - LOUD - by a valve and vinyl and transistor and CD system.    The reason for this is (according to Karen) that Steve is deaf or should you prefer an alternative  reason (according to Steve) which is that their cat, a pedigree Devon Rex (more trouble than a barrel full of monkeys) and the neighbours need an injection of culture.

Karen, although she professes to loathe radios and crappy jazz music, if the truth is told, has a begrudging appreciation of these and can even tell the difference between an AZ31 and a KT66 at 10 paces.  She always knows where all of Steve's treasures have been dumped - even the ones she hasn't purposefully hidden - the minx!

We hope we will be able to cater for our customers needs in the vintage electronics arena, however, should you require the services of a  qualified EU QP to advise or train on any aspect of cGMP, 21CFR 210, 211, 820, ISO9001, MHRA Orange Guide, consultancy services on steriles, clinical trial product release, MDI manufacturing and product release or chemical quality control we can provide that too.    

Similarly, should you require consultancy services for base or paper substrate coating then again that provision is available too.     

In the first instance, please get in touch either via  or alternatively have a look at the QP Holdings webpage here

Enjoy.... the Mullard Magic team