In 1951, Mullard were made aware of an absolutely hilarious occurence.    A proud owner had bought a Bush TV22 bakelite TV - you know the one, I think we have one on sale here.

Anyhow, he was moving it to try and find the best spot for it and guess what, in typical Mr Butterfingers Numpty style he dropped it and shattered the cae, however, all was not lost and the chassis and tube were quite fine and our slip fingered gent wrote to Mullard moaning about the fragility of Bush bakelite but praising the enduring qualities of Mullard glass.  

The TV22 bare chassis was retrofitted with an alternative casing and went on to provide sterling service safely ensconced in an orange box, tastefully painted in battleship grey, using a type of mica loaded paint designed for electricity pylon protection.

Could this be an early example of 'UPcycling' - goodness how I HATE that term!  Thus clothed, the set allowed a grateful family to watch the 1953 Coronation - huzzah, and very topical at this moment some  60 years on!

This episode prompted Mullard to publish the following cartoon in their in-house magazine featurung the eponymous Syd who espouses a salutory lesson to all of us who choose to monkey around with delicate thermionicalia  (is that a real scrabble-able word I wonder??). 

This wasn't the only accidental event extolling the longevity and hardiness of Mullard devices, so stick with watching this blog for other jolly japes of a similar kind - priceless@!