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We smiled recently when we heard someone comment that a vintage radio 'personality' needed to be dragged into the 20th Century and although we aren't quite that bad, we thought our New Year's resolution for 2016 was to attempt to propel ourselves firmly into the 21st century and allow our younger and more tech savvy customers the flexibility and ease of purchasing from Mullard Magic whilst on the move and using their mobile devices.

We have started to offer a range of items on our new sister site which is optimised for mobile use as well as having lots of handy scarce to find bits n pieces at low prices which are ideal for restoration jobs.  It has some great blog articles too.

You can have a look here: -


But here's a preview which is nice cos if you are an old fart like me, you can hardly see a mobile phone much less shop, sext or watch a movie on the blessed thing: -

If you are a really wowser hip dude or dudette and have an iPhone 6, should you choose to make a purchase then you can also choose to pay by Apple iPay too: -

We even have a QR code and might eventually start offering a printed magazine showing production values and content that mimic that of a third rate 1950's Girl Guide newsletter.....progress indeed!