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Well, what a rare selection. First up is a Mullard 2300 club badge . The 2300 Club began life as the motoring section of a factory sports' club in Blackburn in 1955. The factory was Mullards, with over 5,000 employees. The Club was originally the Mullard Motor Cycle and Car Club, but this overlong title was shortened by taking the initial letters as Roman Numerals (MMCCC) and translating them to 2300.

Very scarce today, the club is still going and currently has only 30 members. To obtain a badge from this club is next to impossible. This is a real wow for any Mullard fan.


If a 2300 badge is not enough, here we have one for the Simonstone TV tube plant car club. A s apair these are unbeatable, a real part of Mullard history - I doubt any others will ever be offered for sale in the immediate future, so, if you would like them, please act ealry to secure them.


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