CV6 / CV1135 / ARP135 / E1148 / VT232/ DET20/ NR80 FOR WS19 19 SET B SET

low capacity triode for WS19 B set
Manufacturers: Decca , Mullard , Roberts Radio

Eh up, these are quite hard to find now and we have just a few of these low capacity VHF triodes left.  These were famously used as V7A, as the WS19 B set oscillating detector valve with the grid and anode leads being brought out to top caps on the valve .  

Unfortunately many Mr Bodgewits saw fit to strip out B sets in WS19 in days of yore when you could by a 19 set for 3/2 and still have change for fish n chips, 20 Woodbines and a half of milk stout on the way home - as we all know they were crap for short range comms anyhow but we do like out WS19 to be original so now you can find one of these dinky dalek triodes from me!



VR135 DET20 E1148 CV6 NIB
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