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A strange thing indeed this is.  I think it may be new stock as it seems to be in great cosmetic condition.   The watch is interesting for it's kitsch showiness and it obviously takes it's styling cues from the Heuer calculator watch and a 40's Chronographie Suisse telometer chronograph.   This example is marked Globa Sport but I have seen similar versions dialled Ollech & Wajs.

The dial is in good condition with luminous arabic number markings still active and interestingly the T Swiss T notation denotes a Tritium luminous paint.  The watch winds and sets smoothly.  The crystal is feels slightly loose with a little wobble and interesting as the inside face of the crystal looks as though it could do with a clean - noticeable on my photos but not on wearing.   The watch presents well on a chestnut bi-ribbed vintage strap with matching stainless buckle and tang.

Although the watch seems to be a two button chronograph, the chrono button just seems to start and stop the main second hand and no re-setting function results -  so this watch is a flashy pseudo chronograph.   We have noted lesser Globa Sport watches currently trading on EBAY at £125 so we think ours - blingy or what - is a much more desirable and keener opportunity at £85 and with free postage to boot - absolute winner!

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