Ello peeps, well, I'm back from my travels and am in a good mood so, I thought I would share this radio related radio joke with you, anyhow, here goes............

An elderly couple are listening to a preacher on their Atwater Kent breadboard radio when the preacher tells the listeners "If you need healing today, I want you to place a hand on the part of your body you need healed, then place your other hand on the radio's output valve and you will be healed!"    The old man slowly places a hand on the power output valve then  inches his other hand  firmly down the front of his trousers.     The old lady, looked up from her knitting, narrowed her eyes, pondered for a moment and then sharply said  "Don't be so silly,  he said he could heal, not perform a miracle in raising the dead!"

Tee-heee, a good un I think!!!!!!!

Nearly as good as this photo of a Healing Scales radio from Australia which I covet greatly.