Last time I described the exciting treatment that Noctode, our cat provides for the valves I have on sale. It has long been my opinion that Pussy treatment of valves gives EXACTLY IDENTICAL audible effects to that provided by cryo treatment of valves, but ho-hum, that’s a very subjective claim so I sought a more scientific unbiased opinion.

To this end, I lobbied some famous reviewers from the hifi comics, sorry magazines, to do a blind comparison on my behalf. The day dawned and the critical ears of Flemming Vansittart and Xmas Cipher-Thicket were called upon to perform.

I tried to do the best I could, so, I fitted a new thorn needle to my trusty Dansette turntable/single ended amp/wide range speaker combo system (in faux snakeskin rexine cabinet finish) and instead of the £400 mains lead some bloke near Morcambe tried to flog me, I used a B&Q mains extension lead, 2 gang (a bargain at £3.89) to connect us to the mains via the shortened 1960s two core bell wire turntable flex

The programme material was chosen to explore the tonal qualities and bring out any differences the valves possessed and we then played in sequence during our blind comparative test:-

The Cat Fugue ; Domenico Scarlatti.

The Monk & The Cat ; Samuel Barber.

The Cats’ Duet ; Gioachino Rossini.

The Kitty Valse; Gabriel Faure.

The results were interesting as two pairs of highly experienced golden ears – could not find a difference between any of the valves. Amazing. Now, it may be that they were feeling a little jaded that day, it may be that the rich pre audition spread of beef potted meat sandwiches followed by Angel Delight mandarin orange trifle washed down with Tizer caused them heartburn or other digestive distress but I suppose this unexpected result did at least vindicate my own opinion that Pussy treatment of valves does give EXACTLY IDENTICAL audible effects to those provided by cryo treatment of valves.

But hey, don’t take my word for it, why not buy some Pussy treated valves for me and try them yourself – look for the PMT (Pussy Manufacturing Technology) valve range in our product listings. And remember, using my super website review facility you can tell everyone else what you think – wowser!

The first 10 customers to buy Pussy treated valves will also get an exciting free gift, a sample of organic free range acoustic felt, ideal for tube damping and as acoustic wadding for loudspeaker enclosures. Now this organic free range acoustic felt is in short supply as I have stuffed my Chartwell LS3/5A pair with most of my stock and Noctode doesn’t get furballs as frequently as she used to so be sure to buy early to secure your free sample. Be lucky......................!!!