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Now this really is quite something, it's a 1920s surgeons lamp.  It comes nestled in a beautiful clamshell aluminium case which looks like a landmine!   I presume this has kept it suitable safe for the past 90 years because it is in superb condition, the silvered mirror is in good condition, the silk braided power supply wire is unchafed with bright colours and the stainless steel band with ebonite moints is in bright unscratched condition.  This truly is an engineering work of art and in superlative condition.    The aluminium clam shell casing bears a few marks to it's outside, possibly from being in a Gladstone bag or from trips through the steriliser/autoclave.

How many births has this device witnessed and how many patiets have succumbed to ehter or chloroform aneisthsis whilst under it;s beady gaze.  SO here you have it, a scarce medico-scientific collectable.  Heck, you can even use it as a modern day radio doctor, utility and eccentricity personnified - simply super!

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