Now this is rather pretty, it's a Leica Standard or E, carrying the serial number for the batch of 500 cameras of this type made in 1938.   The first thing that is nice is that it is fitted with a very scarce Rapid Winder as well.  What is even nicer is that BOTH the camera and the winder carry a Broad Arrow marking along with the notation No8 which suggests a British military connection.  Unfortunately I cannot tell you more about this engraving as you knnow I am a valve man rather than a camera man.

Both camera and winder work with the typical Leica smoothness and I suspect that this is a very rare example indeed.

A little about the Leica Standard: - 

The Leica Standard or Leica E was a basic model introduced  by Ernst Leitz, Wetzlar in October 1932.  Basically,  an improved Leica I (C) that it replaced.  The camera was offered simultaneously with the Leica II and Leica III models that have coupled rangefinders and a top shutter speed of 1/1000 sec. 

The Leica Standard was originally finished in black enamel with nickel-plated lens barrel and camera controls. The only noticeable improvement compared with the Leica C was the smaller diameter extendible rewind knob. It has an accessory shoe at the top plate exactly above the lensmount for either a rangefinder or an accessory viewfinder. The serial numbering started at 101.001 and continued consecutively for 5000 cameras that were made between October 1932 and early 1934. At which point production of chrome-finished Standard cameras had started in small numbers. However, after 1936, the majority of the production was finished in chrome, and from 1940, the Standard was only available in chrome finish, but just a few were made each year after 1940, except 461 cameras in 1947. In 1948 the Standard was replaced by the viewfinder-less Leica Ic as a basic camera in the Leica line. Those made after 1945 have a disc cover instead of a slow speed dial found on other contemporary Leica models.

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