The national radio show was a big thing for Mullard and indeed any other post war radio manufacturer as they all pulled out the stops to present their wares to a burgeoning post war consumer boom.

The Mullard stand was large and extensive as this photo shows where chassis work from many manufacturers that utilised Mullard components were suspended on show - very outre!


The media in the form of Auntie Beeb was in attendance and here we see a BBC TV cameraman using real film ( and later presumably tele-cine) to record the new range of Mullard valves for the waiting nation.

With the BBC also came - was this term coined yet - celebrities - first we have Arthur Ferrier, the cartoonist drawing one of his charcters on the telescribe.   I quite like Arthur as he was an Analytical Chemist like me and then turned to cartoon drawing as a way to supplement his meagre earnings as a scientist.  He made it big in 1930 when he produced a weekly strip glamour cartoon called "Film Fanny"..... The mind boggles............


And just look at the photo above, even Sylvia Peters, the Televeision Announcer  was there looking looking at Mullard CRT tubes. 

Or what about some urchins trying to 'Beat the Electron' on a Mullard display.


Awefully spiffing and redolent of the time of lashings of ginger beer, or more correctly, lashings of boiled eggs - yum!!!!