Sadly, you may have a Silent Key or other deceased estate to clear - we have experience of empathically, discretely and unobtrusively handling these situations for clients where we have taken EVERYTHING with a no quibble business like attitude.

DON'T WORRY ABOUT CONDITION, DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE RUSTY JUNK & RUBBISH as we will take the lot - that's a promise!

Sure, you could try to rehome things yourself by direct sale or by using specialist auction services but wait, why earn yourself the hassle and time delays at this upsetting time only to see your settlement mightily eroded by whopping commission, storage and transport charges?

So please, consider us and perhaps give us a try instead for we travel nationally, remove swiftly and provide an immediate settlement in cash or by any other payment method you may prefer.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries either by e-mail

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if you prefer, please ring us at your convenience on


Do you have a collection to sell? 

Do you have a shed, attic, cellar, business premises or barn to clear?

Maybe you just have a single item or a choice of select items, well. We are always looking to buy items of equipment and travel nationally and give an immediate cash settlement, examples of what we are interested in include but are not limited to: -

Pre-broadcast and 1920s commercially made wireless sets, amplifiers, tuners such as those by Adey, AJS, BTH, BSA, Burndept, Cosmos, Edison-Bell, Efescaphone, Ericsson, Pye, RI, Sterling to name but a few. 

Pre-broadcast and 1920s commercially made wireless accessories such as Crystal amplifiers, Early Valves, Horn Loudspeakers, and Military electrical items.

1930s to 1960s classic wood, bakelite and catalin valve and transistor radios such as those by Ekco, GEC, HMV, Kolster-Brandes, Master Radio to name but a few.

If you have wooden radios, bakelite radios, coloured radios, round radios, tinplate radios, miniature radios, yes, we love em too!!

Vintage hi-fi separates by Audio Technica, Decca, Dynatron, Garrard, Leak, Lowther, Michell, Pamphonic, Pye, Quad, Radford, RGD, SME, Tannoy, Thorens, Transcriptors, Quad, Vortexion and many, many others are all wanted!

Large radiograms or console radios by Decca, Dynatron, EMI, HMV, Marconi & RGD are wanted.

Early gramophones and phonographs, particularly external horn speaker types such as those by Columbia, EMG and HMV are wanted.

Cabinet, table and portable gramophones by Decca and HMV are also wanted.

Televisions, from pre-war to the 1950’s - anything with a round tube are wanted.

Televisions of unusual design, such as the globe-shaped Keracolor and Retrovisor are wanted.

Communications receivers by makers such as Collins, Eddystone, Gonsett, Hallicrafters, Hammerlund, ITT, Plessey, Racal, Rohde & Schwartz, Telefunken and many others are wanted.

Military radios, radar equipment and all manner of rusty radios to give examples: army sets WS18, 19, 31, 38, 62 and AFV variants; clandestine equipment such as B2, Mk 123, Mk 321, Mk 128, MCR1 and by Hagelin; WW2 aircraft transmitters and receivers such as the BC311, BC348, R1155/T1154, R1116/R1116A/T1115, R1082/T1083, TR9, all these and more are wanted.

Test equipment, such as signal generators, multimeters, wobbulators, frequency counters, oscilloscopes and valve testers by AVO, Funke, Hickock (TV2 & TV7), Metrix, Neuberger, Sofia and Taylor are wanted.

Microphones by Coles, Electrovoice, Neumann, Reslo, Shure, STC and Telefunken are wanted.


Lets not forget all the other things such as, Anglepoise lamps, automobilia, clocks, cameras, Coolicon lamps, Hadrill & Horstmann lamps, Jielde lamps, master clocks, Pluslite lamps, photographic items, railwayana, wrist watches, oh and technological items from days of yore always wanted - whatever you have got - you know, we even - once - bought a stuffed wallaby - so, if it is 'interesting' then we will probably be interested in buying it!!

We hope the list above has given you an indication of what we are looking for but if in doubt then feel free to get in touch.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries either by e-mail

~ or ~

if you prefer, please ring us at your convenience on