As some of you may be aware, Stephen Fry and myself are chums from our university days. You may not know that Stephen has been very busy writing the screenplay for a remake of the Dambusters which will be distributed on release by Universal Pictures & Studio Canal. I am pleased to report that due to my connection with Stephen, Mullard Magic has been asked to help with the radio installation in the Lancaster mock up that has being used for filming.

I have taken Stephen to task for his meddling in renaming Guy Gibson's beloved pet, why should we rewrite history for the sake of political correctness - history is inviolate! Anyhow, we were fortunate enough to meet one of the stars of the new film when we were fitting out the R1155/T1154 station. Remember, you saw it here first, direct from the Boreham Wood studios, I bring you this picture of Tigger, Guy Gibson's beloved cat gambolling inside a T1154 casing.