Nagaoka Rolling RC-100 Record Cleaner.

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The Nagaoka Rolling RC-100 Record Cleaner. A record cleaner featuring a roll made from very soft silicone elastomer. One of the properties of this elastomer is that it has a high tack surface.  When rolling the cleaner over the record while applying a little pressure, the elastomer will deform and  precisely take the shape of the record groove. Any dust particles in the groove will stick to the rolling cleaner and be removed in that way. When the roll has become dusty simply wash it under tap water using a little hand soap. The dust will easily be rinsed off. After drying the roll with lint free paper, it will become just as sticky as when it was new. There is no danger that you will damage the label when rolling over the label.


Presented in near mint condition - this is an original and best version complete with original two part case as shown, held closed with tape.