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Well on offer today we have something quite special, I have a limited stock of Air Ministry Old Stock audio triodes. These fetching exquisite devices come in two forms, globe and ST shaped envelope, with ceramic valve bases and they are really quite something - this listing is for the GLOBE envelope. The VT45 is a battery triode with a 3.5 Watt anode dissipation and a working frequency up to 20 MHz. The prototype was the M-OV X56. The later CV code was CV1045. The base shell is ceramic and this has a lower loss at RF at high humidity The valve parameters are as follows: - Vf = 2V @0.4A Vamax = 300V For Vg = -10V for Va = 200V, Ia = 11mA; gm = 2.5mA/V As you can see, these ratings make these eminently suitable as an inter-stage driver valve or as preamplifier gain stage valves. Vey rarely offered we now only have a limited stock of these so please, secure a stash whilst you can.