Here's a photo to warm the cockles of your heart.  A deputation of eminent Pye representatives visited the Mullard Mitcham valve manufacturing facility on 29th November 1951 - nearly 61 years ago and the visit was photographed for posterity.  Can you see Hilda Trumper peeking coyly around her MEK task lamp? - '' Eeee ducks, as ee tekken the picture yet?"  

Some of you may be asking why is that man in the light grey suit behind her wearing a pained expression?  The official classified Mullard management report on this visit records that this photo was taken at 13:30 after everyone had dined in the canteen (including Hilda) on Brown Windsor soup, followed by Roast Pork, red cabbage, sprouts and boiled potatoes then rounded off with lashings of spotted dick and custard........ hmmm, Trumper by name and by nature perhaps.