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The Quad FM4, a legendary station sentinel with styling and performance to die for.   This model was marketed as "You can hear the grass grow in Ambridge with this" and you know, I think you can.   On offer today we have a green-grey DIN plug model in very good cosmetic condition apart from a minor scratch which although annoying can helpfully be hidden by other QUAD devices or judicious placement in a cabinet.    The tuner is in full working order and comes complete with the original QUAD documentation shown.

Here's what QUAD trumpeted about this tuner : -  At the touch of a button the Quad FM4 gives access to a variety, breadth and quality of programme material that the most dedicated gramophile would find difficult to equal. Indeed the emotional satisfaction which can be gained from a well engineered live broadcast is second only to being at the concert itself. An FM tuner is thus an essential piece of equipment for any serious listener to music.  The FM4, as one might expect from Quad is deceptively simple and original. Good ergonomics and advanced electronics are combined to produce a tuner with exceptional audio performance and ease of handling.

The Quad FM4 is designed as an adjunct to a high quality music system. As such emphasis in design is placed upon obtaining audio performance from a reasonable input signal rather than the ultimate in selectivity. Performance of the FM4 is such that given adequate signal strength, it makes no audible contribution to the incoming programme, and provides absolutely faithful reproduction of the original transmission.

The only controls on the FM4 are an on/off switch, tuning knob and eight pushbuttons which are used to store and recall stations in the tuner's memory The tuned frequency is shown in figures and an ingenious bar graph display provides simultaneous information of signal strength and centre tuning. A specially developed dedicated microprocessor makes all decisions about muting and AFC and also controls the tuner's memory in which are stored the preset stations.

Operating the Quad FM4 is simplicity itself. Once programmed it is only necessary to press one of the seven preset buttons for the wanted station to be tuned in perfectly.

Programming stations into the tuner's memory is very straightforward. The desired frequency is located by rotating the tuning knob, which will have conspicuous advantages for anybody who has tried to find a station using pushbuttons to track up and down. The bar graph confirms that the station is correctly tuned and being received with sufficient signal strength to give acceptable signal to noise.

Pressing the appropriate preset station button and the manual tune button simultaneously stores the station in the tuner's memory And that's all there is to it. AFC and muting is taken care of automatically Stereo over-ride, required if the signal is very weak, is achieved by switching the Quad 44 to MON and adjusting the balance control for minimum noise.

Programmes will remain stored in the tuner's memory almost indefinitely provided that the tuner is used once in a while, and for up to five years even if it is disconnected from the mains. When switched on the tuner remembers the station last used and automatically reverts to it.

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