R1155B WW2 RAF RECEIVER 10D/13045

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Manufacturer: Marconi

On offer today, we have an R1155B RAF receiver as fitted to Lancaster & Halifax and a number of other airborne and ground stations during WW2.  This example has escaped the ravages of Mr Knobby Bodgewit and his crazy sister Sally Screwdriver as it has not been hacked around or modified in any way.    Just look - all the DF componentry is present and correct with all the valve top caps thoughtfully passe-partout taped off but what a pleaseure to see an R1155 with it's BL63 VR102 valve ( itself worth a significant sum these days).  Similarly, it's nice to see the earlier Type 13 concentric tuning knob as well.  The dial is brightly coloured and the logging scale is in superb condition.. All Jones plugs are present and correct just as it left the factory as are the plug locking bar pillars - again, rare to find.

Sure, you could find one slightly cheaper on EBAY but why buy a hacked about dog of a thing needing loads of work when you can have a nice original one - these don't come around so often in this sort of condition and I don't expect it to remain unsold and available for long.

This legendary receiver has not been powered as we have no power supply and is offered sold as seen.

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