a rectifier for the famed RGD 1046 amplifier amongst other uses.
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Manufacturers: Ediswan , Mazda , RGD
The UU8 is a quite puzzling rectifier, it descended from the UU7, a rather unpleasant device that was had a metallised coating, tended to overheat and was prone to internal flashovers.  It was only a 60mA device so Mazda introduced the UU8, got rid of the metallising, upped the current rating to 120mA and at a stroke stopped all the unpleasantness.
Many will be aware that the UU7 is the original rectifier for that sonic grail of an amplifier, the RGD 1046, however, these days, most owners would fit a UU8 - if they could find one.
Well here's a nice example, classic balluster envelope, within,  it has the trademark inverted swan neck getter rod down by the pinch, strong bloomed mirror getter, the classic parallel tube anode cages.  The envelope is tight to the black micanol base having been reseated.  The device carries near perfect  Mazda original printing in white ink.
The maximum reservoir capacitor is 16 µF and no minimum series resistance is quoted.   Rarely offered, keenly sought and a very desirable device indeed.
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