Robby the Robot 16ins tall model
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One of the best loved androids of all time, Robby the Robot is an essential part of any robot enthusiast’s collection. Who wouldn’t want a replica of a genuine science fiction icon in their home?

After first appearing in the1956 MGM science fiction film “Forbidden Planet,” Robby the Robot made a number of appearances in other movies and television programs, making him one of the industry’s most recognizable robots. In the film, the 6-foot, 11-inch tall fictional robot was programmed to obey Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics. This knowledge becomes important near the end of the film when Robby refuses to kill the “id monster” because the robot recognizes that the creature is an extension of Dr. Morbius, and therefore cannot be hurt or killed.

Inducted in the Robot Hall of Fame in 2004, Robby was made available for collectors in a variety of forms – some poor and some superb, some dinky and some life size.

The Rolls Royce yet scarce iconic version is that produced by Masudaya in 1996. This beautiful Japanese manufactured recreation is 16" tall.

And this is what we have on offer today, a 1996 version in it’s box, complete with the instruction sheet, extra set of interchangeable hands and a set of small clear plastic parts for use on his head. The mouth features a blinking light with a talking function: Pushing the button on its body will allow you to hear Robby say either of these three sentences: “Welcome to Altair 4 Gentlemen. I am to transport you to the residence,” “If you do not speak English, I am at your disposal with 187 other languages along with the various dialects and sub-tongues,” and “For your convenience I am monitored to respond to the name ‘Robby.’”

This is an exquisite model and one which will delight it’s new owner, rare, desirable, not available for many years and very scarcely offered – buy this one quick before I decide to keep it!



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