Today's excerpt from the Mullard archives reveals a dog eared and yellowing advance copy sheet from the Manchester Daily Despatch, now there's a name from the past: -

"Work will begin next month on the garden factory at Simonstone, near Burnley, the first to be built within the development area.  A spokesman for Mullard Ltd. said they hoped to have the factory in production within a year of starting to build.  He added "We shall be employing about 1200 men and women, a large proportion of men to work on our television commitments."

This article was published in the Tuesday 9th March  1954 edition of the Manchester Daily Despatch, a name many will not be familiar with unless over a certain age, well, this newspaper was started in 1900 by Ned Hulton, who had been sacked from The Guardian in 1872 for printing pirate news-sheets!

Interestingly, the newspaper had a daily circulation of 600,000 and Hulton's new printing premises at Manchester's Withy Grove in the very heart of the city became the biggest printing house in Europe, and continued to print right into the late 1980s.

You can see it today for the remains of his empire, and later of Robert Maxwell's vast newspaper business exist still as the newly refurbished Printworks entertainment and leisure complex in Withy Grove.

 Alas, the Manchester Daily Despatch ceased printing in March 1955 - barely a year after their article on Mullard was printed.