As we all know, Mullard valves are blessed with that special sound – some call it Mullard magic – just like our website title. Bit what is it about these thermionic devices that provide this sound. Is it the Jablonski shift that occurs as the electrons rushing from the cathode electrons flip from one energy state to the next lower one emitting hv as a purple shift – could that be it? 

So the Mullard electrons are purple huh – that explains why that great swing standard Deep Purple sounds so good on a Mullard equipped amplifier. Does your Mullard 3-3 rock when you play Smoke on the Water (………. by Deep Purple). Does your bass boogaloo through your EL37 as Prince riffs along in… Purple Rain. How about on large scale choral musicals such as Colour Purple? Perhaps your Leak presents a lush soundstage so sonically superb that superlatives surpass the sensuous sound???? OMG, I'm beginning to sound just like one of those hifi comics you find in the newsagents.

Am I just being silly, shall we place this myth iof special Mullard electrons 'in the file box' along with wood capacitors, CD felt tip pens, solid silver mains leads plaited by virgin Cuban nymphs specially selected for the tightness of their (ooo-eer) cigar rolling... and other audiophillic pseudo scientific quackery.

Actually, I’ll let you into a secret, the real reason is that Mullard had been making valves for a long time even before they started manufacturing the sonic stalwarts we all crave today – the AC044, AC042, EL84, EL37. EL34, ECC 81, 82, 83, EZ80 81, GZ 30 32, 34, 37. But hey, this was also the case for other big ticket manufacturers such as Telefunken, Valvo, National Union, Sylvania, RCA, Osram, GEC, Brimar and Cossor – they might have each used differing techniques and materials but their manufacturing ethos was the same. Accordingly, during production, each device was subject to strict production controls where quality assurance was built in and end product quality control batch testing meant the product performance and consistency were second to none - inter and intra batch for any given type. And the result of this is very evident - you don't need two heads to tell the difference between these beautifully engineered devices and some of the lesser modern offerings.

And consistency in manufacture is the key to performance and longevity, many a tube affectionado had cause to lament the lack of both of these properties in recent Chinese production valves. Indeed in very recent history,,a new British manufacturer fell by the wayside as they produced a number of interesting high performance small signal audio valves yet they were unable to consistently achieve the nominal specifications as originally stated by Mullard which led to manufacturing hold ups and their eventual demise.

So it’s up to the large scale manufacturers of yesteryear – of which Mullard is only just one – to provide us with our fix of exceptional thermionic devices for a myriad of uses today. Hopefully you will find suitable specimens of tested suitable devices here for sale on our website.