Just take a look at this photo of a vintage radio repair workshop during the early 1950s and of course the instrumentation ranged over two shelves and a bench top - can you identify them all?

Starting at the top and working L to R, we have a Muirhead decade box, a Mullard LCR bridge, a National HRO speaker, an AVO Mk7, an Advance SIgnal Generator.

Middle shellf working L to R we have a 'mystery item' - is this a Tannoy or GEC power supply? - please post a comment or write to me if you do know what it is - ,  an AVO All Wave Oscillator,  a Marconi Signal generator, an EMI combined scope and voltmeter.

On the bench we have a Mullard Master Test board separated from it's younger brother the Mullard High Speed Valve tester by boxes of cards for each instrument.

What a simply super evocative photo, which remindes me, we have a number of pieces of test instrumentation to be listed on the website for sale, time to get weaving.....