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The Topcon RE Auto was introduced in 1963 and is an interesting and quite scarce 35mm SLR camera.  The one on offer here today is in full working order ( meter accuracy not calibrated or verified) and shows good cosmetics at Exc+/92% condition and has the following features:-

  • Topcon Uni / Hanimex Topcon RE
  • Leaf shutter 1 sec to 1/500 + B
  • Front shutter release with cable release thread
  • Bayonet lens mount
  • Exposure averaging via cell printed on mirror
  • Auto and Manual exposure
  • 10 sec selftimer
  • X and M flash sync
  • ‘Cold’ accessory shoe with flash sync socket
  • UV coated 53mm f/2.0 Topcor lens
  • Flash sync (with electronic flash) up to 1/500 sec

The TOPCON brand was established in 1932 as an optical arm of K. Hattori & Co (the forerunner of Seiko) under the name Tokyo Kogaku. A few cameras were produced for general use pre-war, but the dominant efforts of the factory was military work until 1945. After that, the company made surveying instruments and TLR cameras badged as Topcoflex and Primoflex. 35mm rangefinder camera production began in 1953, and first SLR followed in 1957.

The 1963 Topcon RE Super was the first SLR with coupled TTL metering, but by this time, Topcon had become part of the Toshiba Group. Equipment exported to the USA was marked with the Beseler name, while the Australian Hanimex company handled British Empire distribution. In 1965, the US Navy tested cameras from several Japanese and German manufacturers yet the Topcon Super D was the winner of this competition, and was used exclusively by the Navy until the very end of Topcon production in 1977.

The company is still going and makes a range of optical devices and surveying equipment under the name of the Topcon Corporation.

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