58, 6D6, CV1900, FOR NATIONAL HRO 1, RAS, JNR,

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Here we have a selection of what are believed NOS 6D6 valves.  These came to us with the remnants of cardboard packaging, tainted with aurobacidium pullulans - black mould.  We threw away the packaging, sanitized then tested the valves and here they are offered for sale to help your HRO - or indeed any other use you may have for them.    Below is provided a listing of the valve line ups for the famed HRO range to hekp you decide which or how many of these you may wish to purchase.

HRO Receiver Tube Lineups

  Sr Sr/Jr/M RAS HRO-5 HRO-5A HRO-7 HRO-50 HRO-50-1 HRO-60
  2.5V 6.3V
1st RF 58 6D6 6D6 6K7 6K7 6K7 6BA6 6BA6 6BA6
2nd RF 58 6D6 6D6 6K7 6K7 6K7 6BA6 6BA6 6BA6
Mixer 57 6C6 6C6 6J7 6J7 6J7 6BE6 6BE6 6BE6
HF Osc 57 6C6 6C6 6J7 6J7 6C4 6C4 6C4 6C4
2nd HF Conv                 6BE6


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