My webmaster called and said we need to do some website amendments so I was requested to decamp to sunny Shropshire - bring whisky and be prepared to do lots of work as he sternly ordered.  Well, five hours work and half a bottle of Laphroaig later he turned to me and said "All work and no play makes Mr Mullard Magic a dull boy so I have lined up a treat for you. He's a hard task master, just like Your Honour Lord Sir Sugar and I wondered if the treat would be similar to one of Siralans.... well it was and I certainly wasn't disappointed.

He bundled me into the company Jaguar limousine and off we wafted to Bagington Airport at Coventry to see Ermintrude. Now I am sure that some of you know that Ermintrude got her name in 1972 after the cow character from Serge Danot's Magic Roundabout. To give her her full and proper name she is WR963 MR 2/AEW.2 AVRO Shackleton in service with the RAF from March 1954 until March 1989 at which point after 45 years of sterling service and 14957 flight hours, she retired into the custodianship of the Shackleton Preservation Society at Bagington Airport, Coventry.

 You see, we had been invited by the Preservation Societies' Richard Woods to partake in a very special event which was the 4 engine run up of this aircraft's Rolls Royce Griffon engines for the first time since 2009.

 Words cannot define how extremely enjoyable and emotional this experience was so my webmaster has recorded the proceedings for posterity in the following video:- 

It was quite humbling to see the product of so many hours of selfless and devoted attention that has been put in by the Preservation Society members in conserving and maintaining this magnificent Cold War warrior.   There are plans to return this grand lady to the skies and quite right too, after all, she looked after us for 45 years so it's only right that we now look after her.  Unfortunately, this will come at a cost and it is estimated that between three to five million pounds will be required to make this dream a reality.  

To this end, Mullard Magic, Crucial Solutions Ltd. & Building the Legend Ltd are proud to support this project and would hope some of our readers and followers may also help in any way they can to acheive this noble aim.   Please watch out for future details of the Shackleton Preservation Society's new website and if you get a chance, please do go visit and put a pound or two into the return to flight fund.