Ha-ha!  good title huh?  Actually, the latter half of the 50s decade didn't bring any further endowments for SS Eriks, however, expansions and improvements still continued unabated for the Mullard organisation.   Yes, it was all happening and at a prodigious rate too, for Blackburn, a new wire factory capable of drawing the tungsten-molybdenum wire used in valve manufacture was built in 1955, also in 1955 a new glass moulding factory was built at Blackburn capable of turning out 500000 parts per day.

In 1957,  the boffins got a look in too, the Research Laboratories at Salfords got a new applications building and a spanking new canteen too – keep em fed and keep the inventions rolling!   Whilst munching on a 'made in house – not bakery purchased sausage roll' in the new canteen, SS Eriks was heard to say that he wished he had a bigger office  - I wonder if  this was required to house his awards and photos of him with European Royalty and Heads of State, whatever it was, his wish came to fruition in 1957 when Mullard moved  from the Philips UK HQ  at  Century House, Shaftesbury Avenue to their new HQ building at Mullard House, Torrington Place, London WC1.  The distance moved was small - only about 1/2 a mile -  but the amount of extra space the move provided made it all worthwhile.
Also in 1957, the Southampton semiconductor plant opened at a greenfield site at Millbrook which interestingly enough was the first custom built facility for semiconductor manufacture to be built in the UK.   The embracing of new technologies was heralded in the form of financial aid  being provided by Mullard in February 1957 to kick start the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory for the University of Cambridge.  This exciting new facility, second only to Jodrell Bank in the UK was situated at Lord's Bridge, Cambridgeshire on the site of an old Royal Army Ordinance factory at which the railway line spur feeding  it was put to good use as the bed for the Ryle 5km radio-telesope.

1957 sure was a busy year as there was much  squabbling and unrest at the Croydon Beddington Lane service facility but by 1958, overcrowding was alleviated by the opening of a satellite service office again in Croydon, just down the road in Purley Way.

In 1959, Blackburn was again visited and a new chemical plant having pilot plant, kilo lab and a four reactor facility was built to allow synthesis of the specialised chemicals utilised in valve and capacitor manufacture.